Start speaking German quickly and easily with this great app by Mirai Language Systems
  • A complete beginner-level German course
  • 21 lessons take you to conversational level
  • Two native German tutors help you with your pronunciation
  • All grammar and vocabulary explained in English
  • Over 4 hours of full audio and text tutoring!
iStart German!
Produced by Mirai Language Systems, the creators of the #1 iPhone Apps in the Education Category of the App Store: “iStart Japanese!”, and “iStart Spanish!”. Our mission is to change the way people learn languages.
21 Full Lessons!
iStart German! aims to take you from absolute beginner level to basic conversational level with this unique app. The app also includes “funware” to motivate you to make progress – collect badges for doing the quizzes!
3 Tutors to Help You!
This App guides your learning with three tutors: one English tutor to help explain the grammar, and two native German tutors (female and male), to give you a thorough understanding of real German!
Clear Grammar Explanations!
This App uses color-coded explanations in plain English to help you fully understand German pronunciation and grammar. The course is geared towards beginners, so everything is carefully explained in great detail and clarity.
Vocab and Pronunciations!
iStart German! teaches high-frequency words, which you will find in everyday German usage. Each word is clearly defined with usage notes, and full audio is given for each and every vocabulary item.
Interactive Quizzes!
This App has a full interactive quiz for each lesson, to test and consolidate the material learned. The questions change each time the quiz is played, and your best score is recorded, to motivate you while you progress!
Why you should get this app...
This App will take you from scratch all the way to basic conversational level in German! The App contains 21 enjoyable lessons packed with many hours of high quality audio instruction by three language professionals (two native German speakers, one female, the other male, and an English native tutor for grammar explanations). All pronunciation basics, grammar, and vocabulary to achieve the goal of basic conversational competence are covered. There is a huge amount of language material contained in this App, designed in such a way to make learning German as easy and enjoyable as possible for you! The unique interface of this App provides you with a innovative, fresh, and enjoyable user experience! While you are listening to the audio of the tutors' dialog, the speech bubbles automatically move in sync with the audio, making it very easy for you to follow the material! From Mirai Language Systems, the creators of the very popular education apps “iStart Japanese!” and “iStart Spanish!” This App is all you need to start speaking Standard German, no further in-app purchase items are needed.
Don’t delay learning German any longer.
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Mirai Language Systems specialize in innovative, cutting-edge language courses for iPhone & iPod touch. Our mission: “Changing the Way People Learn Languages.” Mirai Language Systems create language courses that adhere to three basic principles: 1. Language learning should be fun, stimulating, and enjoyable. 2. Language instruction should be logical, well-paced, and consistent. 3. Language instruction and learning should be balanced and goal-oriented. Consistently applying these basic principles to innovative language learning products is what sets Mirai Language Systems apart from other language learning methodologies. Please feel to contact us at any time with suggestions or questions. Our email is:   team [AT] miraigerman [DOT] com Also, please join us on Facebook and Twitter MiraiPenguin @miraipenguin
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